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About Renee

Here to listen and serve.

Renee Merrifield was first elected as MLA for

Kelowna-Mission in 2020. She currently serves as the Official Opposition Critic for Environment and Climate Change


Renee is a dedicated public leader who has effectively lead with results in her community, province, and nation for the last 20 years. She is committed to strong, effective advocacy for her community, bringing forward all the elements that aid in making Kelowna–Mission the best place to live, work and play.


Renee is a devoted mother of five in a blended household. She is an entrepreneurial and successful business owner, employing 50 amazing people in the local construction industry. A person of faith, Renee feels blessed to live in such a great country where all people are treated equally.


She is a compassionate individual who cares about others in the community, believes in giving back, and helping those in need through service, time and fundraising. She is environmentally conscious, believing in sustainability for future generations.

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