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Top issues of summer

As the warm winds of summer blow across the beautiful expanse of Kelowna, the city’s heart is heavy with pressing concerns.

As I have been hosting town halls, attending events, meeting with many constituents, reading your emails, or door knocking this summer; the conversations and worries have been dominated by three critical issues.

The surge in homelessness and crime, the alarming rise in the cost of living, and the relentless forest fires that threaten our homes and environment.

The responsibility to help address these issues lies with the provincial government, and as Kelowna's representative, I believe in continuously pressing the government for real, actionable solutions.

1. Homelessness and Crime: A Growing Concern

Kelowna has always been a welcoming city, but the recent rise in homelessness is both concerning and heartbreaking. This surge is not an isolated occurrence; cities across B.C. are witnessing a similar trend.

The resulting increase in crime adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

While I have written about this issue many times over this last year, I could not write this article about the top concerns without mentioning it.

What could the provincial government do to mitigate homelessness and crime?

Comprehensive policies to address housing shortages, mental health, and addiction can significantly alleviate this situation. Investing in more mental health and addiction services, and community-based initiatives can make a tangible difference.

We need more than 5 of the 20 complex care beds promised by the province.

By prioritizing these concerns, we can rebuild the spirit of community and ensure everyone has a safe and warm place to call home.

2. The Stifling Cost of Living: Dreams Deferred

Every day, I hear stories from Kelowna residents who are struggling to make ends meet. Families and seniors are cutting back on essentials or, worse, slipping into poverty. The province has a role to play in ensuring that its citizens are not overwhelmed by the economic pressures of daily life.

How the provincial government could intervene: We need government to invest in workforce development, supporting local businesses, and ensuring a diverse economy can keep our city thriving and its residents prosperous.

We also need more rent supplement funding to help housed residents make ends meet to help prevent homelessness.

3. Forest Fires: Nature's Fury

The smoke-filled skies are a somber reminder of the environmental challenges we face. Forest fires not only threaten our homes but also our way of life. As the frequency of fires and magnitude of fires intensifies, we need a proactive, not reactive, approach to forest management.

How the provincial government could help: An emphasis on preemptive measures, like controlled burns and sustainable forestry practices, can significantly reduce fire risks.

Additionally, increased funding for emergency services, better training, and international collaboration can enhance our preparedness and response times.

The role of the opposition: The opposition's duty is to hold the government accountable. We must continuously press for meaningful solutions to the issues at hand, advocating for the welfare of our constituents.

As the representative for Kelowna, I am hearing you and I promise to always prioritize the concerns of our residents, ensuring that your voices are heard and that the government takes action where needed.

In conclusion, while this summer brings with it a set of challenges, I remain hopeful.

Kelowna is resilient, and together, we can navigate these turbulent times and build a future that is safe, prosperous, and inclusive for all.

My question to you this week is this:

What other issues would you like me to be aware of that are affecting you right now?

I love hearing from you and read every email!

Please email me at or call the office at 250-712-3620.

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