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Get Help Immediately

310Mental Health Support

  • Call 310-6789 for emotional support, information and resources specific to mental health.


  • Call 1-800-784-2433 if you are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including thoughts of suicide.

KUU-US Crisis Response Service

  • Call 1-800-588-8718 for culturally-aware crisis support for Indigenous peoples in B.C.

Alcohol and Drug Information and Referral Service

Further Resources

Free or Low-Cost Counselling

Wellness Together Canada

  • Access free counselling and support as well as self-guided courses, apps, and other resources.

BC COVID-19 Mental Health Network

Canadian Mental Health Association - Kelowna

  • Virtual counselling services for free to those who are struggling.

Circle of Indigenous Nations Society

  • Offering programs rooted in Indigenous practices that strengthen cultural connection and support holistic healing and learning.

Cythera Transition House Society 

  • Offers counselling and other supports for women and children experiencing or witnessing abuse and violence.

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